Associations and Clubs
American Mule Association
American Mule Association
Minnesota Donkey and Mule Association
American Donkey and Mule Society
Wisconsin Donkey and Mule Society
The California Donkey and Mule Assn. website is;
Mule Racing on the West Coast
For those of you who didn't know that mules CAN RUN.. and really fast, too! Visit this site.
American Mammoth Jackstock Registry - AMJR/SJJR
The site for mammoth donkey information
American Donkey Association
Promoting the 'six sizes of donkeys'. Let's bring some honor and respect for these wonderful animals
The Rio Grand Mule and Donkey Society
Up and coming site.

Magazines and Publications
Western Mule Magazine
A great magazine for the Mule and Donkey lover.
Mules and More
Another great magazine for the Mule lover!
Rural Heritage Magazine
Bimonthly journal in support of farming & logging with mules and other draft animals

Online Resources
McClintock Saddles
Central Oregon Horse
The Wisconsin Equine Clinic
Huckleberry Stables
Mule School
an informational site about mules, their care, training and some great photos of mules
The Bay Area Equestrian Network
Kicking Donkey Products
Paula has lots of very adorable products for the donkey lover! Please check her site if you don't see what you need at The Mule Store. She's so very kind and helpful.........PMc
The Australian Stock Saddle Co.
Excellent source for reasonably priced, mule fitting saddles. I have two of them myself....PMc
Debbie's Woodburnings
Wood burning artist for all occasions. Beautiful work of mules as well as other subjects.
Newell's Horse and Mule Farm
All kinds of stuff offered. Classifieds for animals and other items. New site, take a look.
Cosmic Mule Music
Top country music publishers in Nashville where the songs are 'foaled', like: 'My Front Porch Lookin' In'
Mule Paintings
Absolutely gorgeous original artwork with lots of mules featured. It's a lovely site for the art collector.
Dr. Robert Miller
The great Dr. R.M. Miller, D.V.M., the pioneer of foal imprinting as well as the writer of numerous publications on equine behavior. A real mule supporter!
The Science Lab or Agriculture
A multifacited agriculture information link. Brand new site.
Mule Trader
Online resource for mule and donkey products.
Lucky Three Ranch
The home of the very best friend of mules: Meredith Hodges. Lots of good tips and a very informative site.
Castle Rock Show
Nice site with some upcoming event information
Custon Show Products
Showing? Check out this site for blankets, drapes and all kinds of products for showing
America's Finest Pet Doors
Check out this site if you have indoor pets about.
List a Trailer
Looking for a ride for your longear? Check out this site!
Turning Pointe Donkey Rescue
A beautiful site with some very dedicated people doing wonderful things for the donkey world!
Date horselover,cowboys and cowgirls in your city !
Date horselover,cowboys and cowgirls in your city ! - The best site in the world for meeting horse-loving friends and singles , horselover, equestrian, equine, cowboys, cowgirls ,horse and more ...........
Saddle Bags Press
A great site for nice pictures, cards and books of riding trails by Pat Gordon and Betty Robinson. They've 'been there, done that' and wrote about it!

Farms and Private Sites
Waipio Valley Wagon Tours of Hawaii
If you ever come to the Big Island of Hawaii, call us and we would be happy to take you on our tour!
DJ Bar Ranch
Bitterroot Mule Co.
Red's Saddle Mules
Rustic Ranch Signs
Rancho Santiago
Blue Mountain Ranch
Curtis Imrie
Diamond Creek Ranch
Windswept Farm
Birkenholz Stock Farm
Americana in the Heartland
Mountain High Farm
Home of REAL Gaited Mules. Check out our web site Located in Lenoir NC Ph# 828-758-1919
Horseshoe Hill Ranch
Really nice quality donkeys!
Harmony Acres
A really nice site with some very nice donkeys!
Sow Hatchet Farm
Specializing in World Champion Gaited mules coast to coast. Standing spotted mammoth jack Chief White Cloud. Also spotted mammoth donkeys available.
North Forty Feed Store-Canada
Stephens Mule Ranch
A beautiful site with a lot of nice mules.
Central Texas Equines
Mules, donkeys,horses, tack, trailrides, equipment, training, metal work.....You name it and they seem to have it. A beautiful site!
L'Bri All Natural Skin Care
This old muleskinner has been in the sun all of her life and really needed to find something to make that old leathery hide a bit softer and younger looking! She found it!! Please check it out if you are interested in the best skin product on the planet! Great for MEN and WOMEN...not all perfumey and girly-like. Only natural herbs and botanicals are used and all is guaranteed! I'm not sure how it would effect your mules, tho...they'd probably like to eat it!
Back Country Mules
A beautiful new site with some great information and nice mules for sale, too.
Y2K Saddle Mules with Howdy Fowler
With over 20 years experience training both Saddle Mules and Mammoth Jackstock we offer Saddle Mule training clinics,Training Demonstrations, and Private Training Sessions all designed to enhance the Saddle Mule Experience.
Mule Action Ranch
Lovely site with lots of mules!
Ravenwood Farm
Great site with lovely donkeys they also have custom made LEATHER and BETA harness for all sizes of donkeys and mules.
Birdsong Farm
Featuring gaited jack CadillacIV and gaited mules. Trailrides camping and lots of activities in Tennessee
Liberty Hill Mules
Raising a few naturally gaited mules out of a variety of gaited mares and our gaited large standard jack. Please visit us for more info and pictures..
Crockett Mules
Selling and Training quality saddle mules in Indiana. Give us a call lets talk 'Mule'.
Blessed Assurance Farm
Lovely animals!!!!
Adams Pack Station
A beautiful site with a lot of great services.
T Cross Farms Mules
Nice mules and wonderful people!
WestMar Mules LLC
Five Hills Farm
Gaited Mules!
Golden Gaits Farm
Beautiful farm with gaited mules.
Horseshoe Haven.


Other Links
Dem Donkeys
I really didn't want to get political but the donkey jewelry she does is really cute. Have a look.
Vine Valley Village
This is what 'Video Mike' Kersen does in real life. A wonderful contribution and carrying on the family tradition to help others!
True Western Music
Great site for western music and lots of links to other 'western' sites.

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