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John Higgins John Higgins, III, 2 years old with Buckwheats

Alexa Higgins Alexa Higgins, 6 years old with EasyJet

Alexa Higgins 2 Alexa Higgins, 6 years old with EasyJet

Annie This is a my Mule Annie Get Yor Guns. She is coming 12 this year. The picture is just after halter class at the Santa Barbara California mule show. Annie has and awesome personality. I was very lucky when to got her. She is a rein swinger in the mountains and sweet in the show.

British Couple Have enclosed a pic of my friend Jan and her mule Ruby. At our Mule weekend she won first prize. Ruby is 15.2hh Suffolk Punch cross mamouth jack. Hope you like the pics. I will send pics tomorrow of Mureil which is Belgium Draft but don't know the father. She is 16.1hh Just to let you know yesterday here ( August 27, '07 in England) was a bank holiday, Jan and I took the two girls to a local Horse show. We entered both the girls into a class called the best looking Mare. Nine animals seven horses two MULES. Ruby got 2nd place, Muriel 5th place only because she would not trot. So a well done to both the girls. Thanks to Paul Kitchin from Northamptonshire, England for these wonderful photos! Mules 'can do' across the Big Pond, too!

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