Welcome to The Mule Store

If you love mules and mule people this store may be just for you!!!

We are putting the store up for sale and would love to have someone that likes to travel to shows to add to its success!

We are Michigan people and can't travel like we would like to.

If interested please call.....

231 750-4033

Small computer and 800 number phone issues out here in the country so feel free to call above cell phone if you can't get us. 

Notice in NEW ITEMS we have two calendars to select from and a few more new items!!!

Ask for Laurie

Featured Products

Donkey Head Mugs
Donkey Head Mugs
Specially designed for us.  Each...
Price: $24.95

Mule Toy Statue
Mule Toy Statue
Have so much fun playing...
Price: $8.95

2016 Mule Calendar
2016 Mule Calendar
Our new 2016 calendar with...
Price: $14.95

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